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The bestest place ever when your feeling sore… Sinead will fix you and make you when again. And her 4 legged assistants will help with your blood pressure to… one stop shop of happiness

Louise Dudman Mcculloch

The best place to go feeling sore or just to rejuvenate… I highly recommend Sinead.

Sheila Digiovanni

Thanks Bridgette for a great massage!

Victoria Limauro

Clean, calm atmosphere. Office run very professionally.

Michael F, October 2016

Bridgette – This was a real deep tissue massage that corrects problems! Best massage I ever had!!

Alain P, November 2016

Bridgette – The best place for a deep tissue massage!

Amanda M, October 2016

“Dear Sinead, Dave and Lorella,

Thank you so much for getting my son in yesterday.  You have no idea how much that meant to me, and how much good it did for him.

As you know, my son’s lower back went into a terrible spasm the night before and he was literally incapacitated.  As a 20 year-old-know-it-all, he had refused my offer to book him an appointment weeks before.  He felt that his sports-specific trainers and massage therapists at his training center were the only people in the world who could work on him….until Sinead got to him.  There have been very few times where my kids have actually told me that I was right, this being one of them. He said, “Mom, she is good and she knows her stuff.”  He’s a collegiate pitcher and will now be a steady client!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Liz Stockton


“After a fall from my horse my tailbone area was badly bruised and quite sore.  I did three consecutive daily sessions with the Theralase cold laser as recommended and I cannot bellieve it but I am 95% healed and am able to resume all activities as usual.  Thank you”

Wanda Innes

“I have been a client of Sinead Ferguson’s for Structural Integration and massage and I can not say enough good things about her skills and experience. When I first saw her I suffered from significant muscle and joint pain but after a full 10 sessions of SI I had significant relief in most symptoms and my body was back in balance from a muscular/skeletal perspective. Sinead’s overall knowledge gave me great sense of comfort in having her work on me and knowing she would be able to make great improvements with me. She is a true professional who always made me feel that I was in very good hands and helped me know that I would never experience any harm or damage.”

Tamra Gray

“I’ve had many massages in my life. Some good, some not so good. So when I tell you Sinead’s massages rock I mean it. I have arthritis in my knee, have for years. So it has thrown just about everything off. After my sessions with Sinead, and it took some time including the Structural Integration I am so much better. I am taller and “straighter”. I don’t know what I would do if she left…hunt her down I guess. She is beyond knowledgeable about her skill. I am thankful for her every day.”

Greta Beede

“My name is Heidi, and I am an avid snowboarder and mountain biker. I also have chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, and was in a serious motorcycle accident a few years ago that left me looking and feeling like Quasimodo from “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Through a combination of Swedish and structural massage, Sinead was able to keep me upright and healthy even after months in a sling, a spinal fracture, broken ribs, cold, stiff winter months, seizing migraines, and countless crashes to the snow and dirt from my high-impact lifestyle. What’s more is that our sessions weren’t just a snooze on the table; we had countless friendly chats, and she shared a wealth of wisdom with me as well, from “buy a foam roller,” to “lean against the wall like this for good myofascial release,” to “try some arnica gel kept in the refrigerator for those mountain biking bruises.” She is uniquely familiar with the demands athletes, in particular action sports and endurance athletes, place on themselves, and her bodywork brings the instrument back in tune with a master’s touch.”

Heidi Allen

“As an ironman triathlete, it is important to keep your body moving in every sense. Sinead not only helped me to keep moving, she helped keep me pain free and more flexible. She was able to help me with nerve impingement issues in my shoulder. I have never had a massage therapist who was so knowledgeable and willing to look for new treatments to help me. I always left her table feeling better and ready to tackle the next workout. She is THE BEST deep tissue massage therapist I have ever found! My body misses her all the time. Utah lost something very special when she left…Florida, take care of the most magical hands in the world!”

Kris Norr

Sinead is AMAZING…I had shin splint issues last year in the weeks leading up to my Ironman and Sinead was a major help in me being able to actually race! There is no better place for truly therapeutic sports massage!

Cara Pluff

Sinead is amazing – incredibly knowledgable, professional and most importantly effective. So grateful – I no longer have shoulder pain and my mobility has improved dramatically!

Felicia Serpico

Wellington Deep is phenomenal. Sinead has helped me prepare for Ironman, Half Ironman, ultra marathons, marathons and more. She also helped me recover from being hit by a car while out on my bike and got me to the start line just 3 weeks later. Her other massage therapists are also fantastic. Highly recommend!

Julia Kelk Upchurch

Fantastic massage, and a great facility. Outstanding service and an extremely welcome and professional atmosphere.

Louise T, February 2016

Whole experience was a total delight. All staff were courteous ,friendly and professional. This is not your chi – chi day spa with bunches of lotions and stuff to try to sell you, but a wonderful place of healing with truly good people.

Dianne P, October 2016

On ice playing hockey at least 9 times a week – the sports massage is awesome!

I really liked the decor, music, temperature, and staff. Bridgette did an amazing job and after speaking about my specific needs, we came up with a schedule for the next 2 months. Awesome!

Jennifer D, December 2016

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